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Send A Plan

Step 1. Send us your plans

Simply email your plans to us with a budget estimate and construction period for the work. We will provide you with a written quote for our services. This is guaranteed to be more cost effective than any other service provider and becomes payable once work starts on site.

Step 2. Agree our appointment

Once we have agreed a suitable fee please let us have the information on the attached appointment form (see downloads) and we will appraise your plans and provide a report for your own use. This will identify issues and discuss design solutions for your consideration. Once we receive an appointment we can move forward and serve the relevant legal papers to the Local Authority prior to work starting on site.

Step 3. Working Drawings and moving to site

Adopt and incorporate our comments into your proposals. It may be appropriate for us to come to your offices to discuss the proposals, however you will always receive a warm welcome at our offices if it suits your needs better.  Let us know when work starts on site and we will do the rest.

Step 4. Legalities

Meeting your statutory responsibilities when you are undertaking construction projects is a serious business but we will simplify this for you. The serving of the initial notice signed by Approved Design and the person undertaking the work will allow you to meet your obligations in the simplest of ways.

Once we have inspected the works and found them to be satisfactory we will issue a certificate that solicitors and others may rely on as evidence that the work achieves compliance with the Building Regulations.

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